mirrea launched new outdoor porch light with dusk to dawn function

In August, mirrea launched new outdoor porch light with dusk to dawn function, now the 2-pack version is available on Amazon.com, at retail price $69.99.

Some people may notice that this new product looks same as mirrea cylinder-shape outdoor porch light, B0002-02. Yes, the new product is designed from B0002-02 by adding dusk to dawn photocell sensor on the bridge between backplate and cylinder. This is a product created by customer.

Mirrea cylinder-shape outdoor porch light has been very popular since it was introduced to US and Canada in 2019. It’s modern, sturdy, water-proof with cap shape upper cover and plug shape lower cover, easy to install with 2-piece rotatable mounting bracket and fixing nuts on backplate front side. It’s a five-star product on Amazon and gets a lot of compliment, some customers suggest to add dusk to dawn function by sending message or leaving feedback, after getting same advice several times, mirrea decide to make this new product this year, it’s indeed a product created by customer.

The photocell used in this new product is same as the one used in mirrea glass shade black exterior light, which was also introduced to US and Canada last year. The photocell itself is a UL listed component, suitable for wet location with ultrasonically welded plastic case. The power consumption is around 0.35watt in standby-passive mode, which meets Energy Star requirement of no more than 0.5watt.

mirrea will continuously introduce good outdoor lighting products in 2020, though this is a tough year for everyone because of COVID-19.